Corner House BBQ is Finger Lickin’ Freaking Good

The Corner House building

Chef Peter Botros has done it again. After a stellar opening of his restaurant Violette’s Cellar earlier this year, he has given Manhattanites yet another reason to take the ferry to Staten Island and try out his latest venture called Corner House BBQ.

I got to know of Peter earlier this year when I was introduced to his stellar restaurant Violette’s Cellar. This turned out to be my first ever trip to Staten Island (that I can recall), and based on the amazing food he made for me and my guest that night, I knew it wouldn’t be my last.

Violette's Cellar
Credit: Violette’s Cellar

Peter puts a ton of love into the food he makes, which was evident based on the delicious dishes we tried that cold night in January that included his Artichoke Bread Pudding and Crab Cake Spring Rolls. It was so good, in fact, that I put him on my list of the five best restaurants I’ve visited in 2018, and this is a publication technically dedicated to the best of Manhattan. Good work.

Credit: Peter Botros

I’ve kept in touch with Peter since then, and he let me know about a new BBQ joint he was opening up that he really wanted me to try. Given how good my first experience was with him, I knew this was going to be just as good (if not better), so I hopped in an Uber with my friend to get a first taste of his spot Corner House BBQ.

Corner House BBQ, located at 110 Lincoln Avenue in Staten Island, features a ton of BBQ-related elements that greet you the minute you walk in (like the big ole pig right next to the host stand). There is a big bar that awaits you upon arrival, and casual seating located towards the back and right of his newest space.

Credit: Screenshot

Let’s just break down the food: it’s F***ING AWESOME! I’m not taking that back, it’s great and I needed a lift to get to my car based on how full I was after I ate it. Peter and his partner/pitmaster Anthony Valois know their way around a grill, and were able to concoct several different mouthwatering and flavorful dishes to try that its hard to figure out where to begin.

Credit: Screenshot

Here we go. Appetizers: Buffalo Cauliflower and their Smoked Wings. Both packed with a ton of flavor and heat but at the same time… they don’t overpower your palate nor give you the desire to keep downing your soda/water for relief. Also try their House Cured Bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon? The tomato jam they serve as a side with it should be bottled and sold immediately, as it complimented the big piece of meat (hehe) wonderfully.

Credit: Screenshot

Now onto the main portion of the dinner which was meat heaven. Everything is fantastic, cooked perfectly, and done incredibly well. Ribs, Chicken, Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket… you name it, he’ll make it worth it. Please also get some of their side dishes as well, as they beautifully sing with any of the meat options listed above. This includes their Mac-N-Cheese and Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Yum.

Listen, fellow Manhattanites, I know we are snobs and never want to leave our borough let alone go to Staten Island. But Corner House BBQ is really worth the trip. So if you are in the mood for some delicious grub, and can get over the 30 minute trip to get there (boo freaking hoo if you can’t), then head to Corner House BBQ for a night you truly won’t forget.

Credit: Peter Botros

For more information on Corner House BBQ, please check out their official website here.